Understanding your needs and mitigating the risk

At BUILD WARRANTY we feel that each and every project and client is unique. From new builds to renovations, large or small scale, we adapt to your own needs, providing the right construction warranty for you, offering total peace of mind for all parties against the risks involved in construction and real estate investment. Our unrivaled reputation for diligence and experience within the industry means that a project’s structural engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants and surveyors all feel reassured knowing that their clients have the best cover and support available to them.


We cover all residential properties from new build housing developments to renovations barn conversions and regeneration of listed builds.  Years of experience allow us to offer this broad range of residential construction warranties.

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Our insurance policies have provided protection for all manner of commercial developments and helped to build confidence between the developer and the consumer. Each project is carefully assessed by our team to ensure you get the right cover.

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Many construction project require a bond with the local authorities or larger corporations to reassure against completion of the works. With our years of experience, we have provided our warranty advice and surety to contractors, banks, developers and businesses alike.

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Protect your project from the risk of developer insolvency with a framework of support during the build, providing reassurance for extremely competitive premiums.

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Our personal service is preferred by our clients for its professionalism, dedication and expertise.

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