Designed to provide protection for your investment

Insolvency protection is designed to provide assurance and cover against the possibility of the developer becoming insolvent, providing protection for your investment with them.

With a focus on personal service and at building an understanding of the specific needs of each of our clients, we provide a framework of support throughout the build that guarantees confidence in your investment for extremely competitive premiums.


A safety net for our clients against the large potential losses

BUILD WARRANTY insolvency protection means a safety net for our clients against the large potential losses and lengthy legal issues involved when a developer becomes insolvent. The protection policy covers the extra cost for the work necessary to complete the property to a satisfactory standard which safeguards work to reduce the stress and worry often feared in developer investment.

As a builder or developer, BUILD WARRANTY coverage allows you to build a confident, trusting relationship with your clients, especially important when requesting deposits and payments crucial to the cash-flow and progress of a project.


  • Removes the worry and stress associated with insolvency issues, allowing the project to flourish.
  • Pays the purchaser, subject to approval, the amount that they paid under contract to the developer that cannot be recovered
  • Pays the extra costs to complete the property to a satisfactory standard
  • Developers and builders can provide total peace of mind to their clients when requesting deposits or advance payments

BUILD WARRANTY insolvency protection is designed as a simple and effective way of protecting against the risk of developer insolvency. With all our warranties underwritten by one of Europe’s largest insurers, BUILD WARRANTY gives your project, whatever scale the construction, the protection that you need.


Our personal service is preferred by our clients for its professionalism, dedication and expertise.