The first choice for all levels of home development

At BUILD WARRANTY we pride ourselves on the flexibility, range of cover and transparency of our residential warranty packages – making us the first choice for all levels of home development.

Our standard residential warranty, also know as Latent Defect Insurance, is a 10-year insurance policy tailored for all types of client from self-builders to professional developers. Our years of experience mean that we can provide the right cover, advice and strategy for new builds, renovations and retrospective alike.


We provide cover from self-build projects through to large housing developments, providing support and protection tailored to your projects needs. Our volume of business allows us to provide some of the lowest premiums on the market.


BUILD WARRANTY specialise in the provision of warranties for all types of renovation work from barn conversions to listed buildings often not available from other warranty providers helping our homeowners feel the reassurance of our protection when they need it.


Many lenders now require a structural warranty for the purchase of any property which is less than 10 years old. BUILD WARRANTY have a specialist solution to help you. The BUILD WARRANTY retrospective policy will provide you the cover you need to satisfy the lender’s requirements.


Protect your project from the risk of developer insolvency with a framework of support during the build, providing reassurance for extremely competitive premiums.


Preventing a major financial situation by covering the costs of corrections

Beginning from either the legal completion date or, under Scottish law, the date of entry to the premises, our residential warranty covers the cost of correcting defects that may occur in any crucial structural elements, from the walls and foundations to the windows and roofing. 

In the event of a structural issue our residential warranty can prevent a major financial situation by fully covering the costs involved in its correction from beginning to end, we can cover everything from your rebuilding works, design alteration fees, to the removal, storage and re-installation of contents and alternative accommodation while the works are carried out.


  • A residential development warranty that covers the structural elements of the building.
  • A swift, simple claim process that doesn’t rely on proof of negligence.
  • Uniquely bespoke coverage for each project.
  • A transparent, straightforward underwriting process.
  • An experienced, independent perspective on any construction project.

With a focus on personal service and at building an understanding of the specific needs of each project, we provide a framework of inspections throughout the build that helps achieve the highest standard of construction. Leading the way in the market and with our volume of business we are able to do this with the most competitive premiums offering value to our clients at all times. 


Our personal service is preferred by our clients for its professionalism, dedication and expertise.